Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Pair of Guatemalan Trousers

Larger Pair (shown on left)

Accession Number: TR8616-31

Label: Guatemala, 12/12/86, Conley

Smaller Pair (shown on right)

Accession Number: TR8616-51

Label: Guatemala, 12/12/86

Both pairs of pants are made of hand-woven cotton fabric, with the larger pair having a pattern of widely placed purple stripes on a white ground, while the smaller pair has purple and white stripes of even width. Both have a wide band of multi-colored hand embroidery on the legs. The larger pair is embroidered with stylized trees, peacocks, and geometric bands. The smaller pair has a similar pattern of geometric bands with upright birds and flying birds.

When deconstructed, each pair of pants was found to be made of four pieces of narrowly woven fabric, sewn together at the selvage edges. The larger pair had hand-sewn seams while the smaller pair was machine sewn.

Two commercially available patterns, similar in design but different in size, were adapted for this project. Pattern pieces were cut from the fabric, being careful to match stripes and embroidery where possible. After being machine sewn, the bears were stuffed with fiberfill.

The accession numbers have been embroidered on the left breast of each bear.

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