Monday, June 1, 2009

Korean Wedding Skirt (Chima)

(shown here with accompanying Jeogori)

Accession Number: CR.356.66.1b

Label: Wedding Dress, Skirt, Korea, c.1960’s

This chima is made of a gauzy, hot pink synthetic material with a woven medallion pattern. At the bottom of the skirt there is a 3” stripe of similar green fabric, a 3” strip of pink, and a 3” hem of green. The stripes are printed with silver characters and stylized peacocks while the dress is stamped with silver medallions. In places, the silver ink has seeped through to the red tulle lining. The pink skirt is gathered into a series of pleats and attached to a red tulle band that has two red tulle shoulder straps. The dress closes with two large hook and eyes just beneath the left arm.

During deconstruction, the tulle band was removed, all pleats were taken out, and the lining was removed. The three stripes on the bottom of the skirt were also removed.

A commercially available pattern was adapted for this project. The front of the garment bag was cut from the hot pink fabric of the skirt, being careful of the placement of the silver medallions. The sides and back were cut from the red tulle lining. For the piping, the green stripe fabric was cut into thinner strips and sewn into one long piece. This was folded over a cotton cord and basted closed. The garment bag was then assembled and ties made from the red tulle were attached to the front as closures.

The accession number has been embroidered on the right side of the front of the garment bag, just above the silver medallion.

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