Friday, June 26, 2009

Striped Korean Jacket (Jeogori)

Accession Number: A.8416.64-1a

Label: Woman’s Costume, Korea, c.1960’s, Gift of Miss Younghee Choy

This tradional Korean garment is usually worn with a large skirt (chima). Together, the two items are known as a Hanbok.

This particular jeogori was originally paired with this chima.

This silk jeogori has a front and back of yellow fabric woven with pink flowers. The sleeves are made of a multicolored, striped fabric woven with small decorative symbols. The garment ties in the front with two strips of red fabric (Gorem). It is lined with pink silk.

When deconstructed, the lining was removed, as was a thin cotton batting. Although the finished sleeves have a semi-circular lower edge, they were made from rectangles of fabric and left untrimmed, with the original corners hidden behind the lining.

A 1961 packet of Barbie® sewing patterns was used. The pink lining fabric was used to make a Barbie® Oriental Sheath while the striped sleeve fabric was used to create a Barbie® Kimono. Both garments were sewn following the instructions found in the packet and the Barbie® sewing book.

The accession numbers have been embroidered on the front of each garment.


  1. I love this --- what are you going to do with the rest of the fabric? I can't imagine the Barbie outfits used it all up.

  2. I wish there was a pattern for a Barbie sized hanbok. It's kind of ironic that the outcome of this particular garment became Chinese and Japanese - when the original piece was Korean.