Monday, June 1, 2009

Blue Bolivian Blanket

Accession Number: TR8616-35

Label: Bolivia, 12-12-86, Conley

This small blanket is made of thick blue wool. It’s edged with a thin strip of blue cotton that has a decorative design machine stitched in light blue and light yellow.

The deconstruction process simply required removing the decorative stitching. This both freed the cotton strip and un-hemmed the wool.

The wool was then cut into 9” squares. When sewn together, these made excellent potholders. The cotton strip was used to make a loop for hanging and the original machine stitch design was recreated with hand embroidery.

The blanket contained enough wool to make nine potholders. To date, three have been made.

The accession number has been embroidered on the bottom front of each potholder.


  1. Robert,
    This is an AMAZING project! Congratulations!!!

  2. Amazing, but I truthfully think some of the original items should have been left as they were as they were more interesting and beautiful the way they were.

  3. Wonderful! I expecially like the witch hat!


  4. I love this project Robert, I just think it is amazing.