Monday, June 1, 2009

John Anthony Coat

Accession Number: M.75.129.1

Label 1: Coat, USA, John Anthony, C 1970

Label 2: John Anthony

This form-fitting coat is made of thick, felted, cream-colored wool. Both the cuffs of the sleeves and the large padded collar are covered with spotted white fur. The coat is lined with a heavy synthetic white fabric and there are pockets located in the side seams. The coat has no buttons, zippers, or other closures.

When deconstructed, the wool from this jacket proved to be a full 1/8” thick. There was a partial inter-lining of thin cotton canvas, as well as shoulder pads and a soft cotton batting in the collar and both the cuffs. The underside of the fur was originally stamped with a partially legible logo stating “PM PATENTED SUPERIOR.”

A commercially available pattern was adapted for this project. The body, arms, feet, hood and tail of the child’s costume were cut and assembled from the cream wool. A pair of ears was also cut. The hood was then lined, and the body partially lined, with the coat’s original synthetic white lining fabric. This fabric was also used for the inside of the ears. Pieces of fur were then sewn to the hood to form the lion’s mane and a ball of fur was attached to the end of the tail.

The accession number has been embroidered to the left breast of the costume.


  1. Hey Robert-
    Yet another fantastic project. Congrats-what a great idea, and the objects you are making are beautiful. I still think about the sculpture at LACE quite frequently-and now you have made something just as wonderful. I will definitely keep my eye on your blog.

  2. how cute. Love the project too.

  3. Really interesting end product but I admit that a part of me dies when I see wearable garments deconstructed...?! I would happily wear this (pre-deconstruction!)...

  4. Great idea, but I agree with Pseudoangela, I would totally rock that coat! A baby will get it so messy. It is cute though.