Thursday, June 4, 2009


Accession Number: TR8616-75

Label 1: Conley, 12/86

Label 2: Conley, 11/4/86

This is a large pair of loose fitting trousers. The legs and crotch are made of a colorful synthetic fabric printed with a faux Ikat pattern. The hips of the pants are made of one piece of white cotton split nearly in half but stilled joined along the waist and printed with an all-over floral and cartouche pattern in blue, green, and white. The selvage edge of this piece forms the waist. The Pants legs are hemmed, and the same cotton fabric is found on the inside of the hems.

When deconstructed, the piece appeared to have been homemade. Although machine-sewn, the seams were uneven and the seamstress had used a blue top thread and a red bobbin thread. Seam edges had been left unbound.

A sail-less boat was found. A mainsail template was drafted by measuring the boom and the mast. A jib template was also drafted. A section of the cotton was joined to a section of the synthetic fabric using a flat-felled seam. Sails were then cut, hemmed, and attached to the boat.

The accession number has been embroidered to the mainsail.

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