Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Bolivian Blanket (2nd Use)

Accession Number: TR8616-35

Label: Bolivia, 12-12-86, Conley

Note: This project is not considered complete until every scrap of deaccessioned fabric has found a use. Often this means that a single deaccessioned garment may yield raw materials for multiple new items. In this instance, the garment has previously yielded three potholders.

This small blanket is made of thick blue wool. It is edged with a thin strip of blue cotton that has a decorative design machine stitched in light blue and light yellow.

During previous deconstruction, the decorative stitching and cotton strip were removed.

The Hebrew letter Shin was embroidered in white on a 3” x 1 ¼” piece of blue wool. On each of the long sides, 1/8” was folded under and sewn to a 4 ½” x ½” piece of fabric, forming a tube with a ¾” flap at each end. A second piece of 4 ½” x ½” wool was whipstitched to the back of the first. Just above the tube, the outside edges of the flap were gathered together and sewn into place. The same was done on the bottom flap. At the bottom end of the tube, a small circle of fabric was attached, closing the tube at that end. A mezuzah was purchased at David Solomon's Book Store. Although purchased flat, a prayer was said and the scrolled was rolled at the store. The rolled scroll was placed inside the tube, being careful that it was right side up and that the Sha-dai written on the outside of the scroll faced outwards. A small circular piece of fabric was sewn to the top of the tube, sealing the mezuzah case.

The accession number has been embroidered on the front of the mezuzah case.

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