Thursday, December 3, 2009

James Galanos Long Coat (2nd Use)

Accession Number: M.79.239.13

Label 1: Galanos, 1967

Label 2: 2 Piece Coat, U.S.A., 1967, Galanos

Note: This project is not considered complete until every scrap of deaccessioned fabric has found a use. Often this means that a single deaccessioned garment may yield raw materials for multiple new items. In this instance, the garment has previously yielded a car seat cover.

This is a heavy, sleeveless, floor-length coat, with a matching belt. The outside is a black-and-white woven floral pattern; the inside is fully lined in a similar black fabric. The front closes with five black buttons.
During previous deconstruction, all seams were removed. The belt was left untouched.

A 1-wood (or driver) was measured and a pattern drafted consisting of three pieces: two sides following the shape of the club, and a long strip between them. After cutting the pieces out of the black lining fabric, they were partially sewn together, leaving the back of the golf club open. Three strips of elastic were sewn to the inside of the cover near the shaft end before the back was sewn shut. The shaft end of the cover was hand-hemmed. To indicate that this is a 1-wood, a single flower was cut from floral fabric and appliqu├ęd onto the head of the cover.

The accession number has been embroidered along the back of the golf club cover.

At the time of this LACMA de-accessioning, several other Galanos outfits that had originally been donated to the museum by Nancy Reagan were also deaccessioned. Those items were gifted to the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

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