Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Korean Vest

Accession Number: A.8416.64-4d

This blue A-line vest is made of a gauzy synthetic fabric woven with a repeating leaf motif. There are wide hems on the front of the garment and on the armholes, with smaller seams on the back and side vents. All interior seams are left raw. After construction, the garment was stamped with small, silver floral and decorative motifs. There are also two silver medallions stamped on the front of the garment. The garment is not lined.

During deconstruction, seams near the two front medallions were removed and the printed medallions were cut from the garment. A small strip of fabric was also cut.

The strip of fabric was folded in half lengthwise and pressed. Each side was then folded in half lengthwise and pressed. The strip was folded again, pressed, and topstitched to form a hanging strap for the ornament. The medallions were placed right-sides together and pinned. The hanging strap was placed between them, with the ends sticking out. Using the outside edge of the printed medallion as a stitch line, all three were machine sewn together, leaving a small gap at one side. The ornament was then turned right-side out and loosely stuffed with fiber fill. Two nickels were inserted to weight the ornament, which was then hand-sewn closed.

The accession number has been engraved on a small metal disk which is attached to the hanging strap.

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