Thursday, September 24, 2009

John Anthony Coat (2nd Use)

Accession Number: M.75.129.1

Label 1: Coat, USA, John Anthony, C 1970

Label 2: John Anthony

Note: This project is not considered complete until every scrap of deaccessioned fabric has found a use. Often this means that a single deaccessioned garment may yield raw materials for multiple new items. In this instance, the garment has previously yielded a child’s lion costume.

This form-fitting coat is made of thick, felted, cream-colored wool. Both the cuffs of the sleeves and the large padded collar are covered with spotted white fur. The coat is lined with a heavy synthetic white fabric and there are pockets located in the side seams. The coat has no buttons, zippers, or other closures.

During previous deconstruction, the fur was removed and all seams and darts were picked out.

An audio headset, type H-113, was obtained and all audio wiring was removed. The ear pieces were removed and set aside. A piece of white wool was wrapped around the headband, trimmed, and hand-sewn into place. Each ear piece was placed on a “+” shaped piece of fur. The fur was folded up and around the ear pieces and sewn into place. The ear pieces were screwed back onto the headband to create the earmuffs.

The accession number has been embroidered to the left-hand side of the headband.

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  1. i want these! i love your project and your statement on reuse of deaccessioned works. I'm an arts administration grad student, and first heard about your project while I was an intern in LACMA press office and I love it!

    - Frankie