Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girl’s Korean Hood

Accession Number: A.8416.64-3d

Label 1: Girl’s Costume (Hood)

Label 2: Gift of Miss Younghee Choy

This traditional girl’s hood is made of a single piece of black synthetic fabric with a woven floral pattern. The fabric has been folded in half and seamed at the top of the hood. To either side of this seam there is a tuck along the front edge of the fabric. The front and bottom edges of the hood have wide hems. There is a slit that runs from the bottom edge to about half way up the center back. There are two ties, each made of a separate strip of fabric and attached to the hood along the front hem. The bottom edges of the ties have been left raw. After construction, the garment has been printed with flowers and decorative motifs in a silver ink.

During deconstruction the ties and tucks were removed.

6 and 3/4 inches of fabric were cut from the bottom of the hood. The slit in the back of the hood was hand sewn closed and the raw edge at the bottom of the hood was folded over twice and sewn to create a 1-inch hem. A 4-inch section was cut from the left-side tie. One end of this piece was sandwiched between the two corners of the bottom hem and all three were sewn together. The other end of the piece of tie was sewn to the female portion of a commercially available “parachute buckle.” The remainder of the left-side tie was joined to the right-side tie to make one long strip. One end of this strip was sewn to the top center of the front edge of the hood. The other end was hemmed and threaded through the male portion of the parachute buckle.

The accession number has been embroidered to the front of the sling.

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  1. So fantastic - wonderful ideas that are simple but still outside of the conventional thinking. Inspirational! Thanks for sharing. :)