Thursday, August 20, 2009

Black High-Heel Shoes (Martinique)

Accession Number: M.79.162.2a (Left Shoe), M.79.162.2b (Right Shoe)

Label 1 (Left Shoe): Shoe Fashions, Bullock’s, Downtown, M82332-14, 5000, 1a327

Label 2 (Right Shoe): Martinique, Custom Made, M82332-14, 5000, 1a327

This is a pair of black fabric shoes with 3 1/2” heels. Each shoe has a keyhole and a stylized, black satin bow on the pointed toes.

During deconstruction, the heels were removed.

The cut edges of the leather soles have been darkened and the heels have been attached to the wall to form coat hooks.

The accession numbers have been painted on the lower edge of each coat hook.


  1. I have been watching your progress on this project for a while! Just Fabulous ideas!!! Can I feature you on my blog some time?
    You deserve more attention to your amazingly creative and clever ideas!

  2. Hello Ulla, Thanks for the comment. Of course you can post about me if you'd like. What's your blog?

  3. Nice to see the use of high heel shoe. Innovative! Great!