Monday, June 1, 2009

Korean Coat (Jeogori)

Accession Number: CR.356.66.2

Label: Coat, Korea, c.1960’s

The body of this coat is made of a gauzy green synthetic material with a woven medallion pattern. This is lined with a green synthetic tulle. After construction, the garment was stamped with a design in silver paint. In places, this paint has seeped through the fabric and stained the tulle lining. The sleeves of the coat are made of similar materials in a variety of colors and have been pieced together to form stripes. The sleeves are lined with white tulle.

Currently this coat has only been partly deconstructed. The left sleeve has been removed and its tulle lining has been separated from it.

First a wooden dowel was cut into two pieces, one 28” long, one 23” long. These were tied together to form a cross and notches were cut into each end. A piece of string was strung through all four notches and secured to each with knots to form the outside edge of the kite. This was laid onto the sleeve fabric and used as a pattern. Once cut, the fabric was first pinned and then hand-sewn to the kite frame. A tail was constructed from small strips of fabric cut from the remainder of the sleeve, machine-edged, tied together and attached to the kite with a length of string.

The accession number was embroidered onto the yellow stripe of the kite, just above the level of the cross piece.


  1. I don't think this coat (or most of the items) should have been deconstructed at all. I would have been eager to wear this if it fit...and if not...would have enjoyed just looking at it.