Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boy’s Korean Coat (Jeogori)

Accession Number: A.8416.64-3c

Label 1: Boy's Costume, Coat, Korea

Label 2: Gift of Miss Younghee Choy

The Body of this child-sized coat is made of gauzy, light blue, synthetic material with a woven pattern of grapes and grape leaves. This is lined with white plastic netting. The coat closes in the front with a pair of long, light blue ties. There is a white piece of fabric at the collar. There is small black piping where the collar connects to the garment. On the left side of the garment there is a strip of thin black piping and a ridge of fabric triangles in white, purple, pink, red, yellow, and green. After construction, the garment was stamped with medallions and decorative designs in bronze paint.

During deconstruction the collar and lining were detached from the left front panel of the coat and this panel was removed.

A dog's neck was measured. A 3" wide strip of fabric was cut from the fabric panel, being careful that the line of black piping and fabric triangles was included, but off-center. The strip was folded in half and pressed. Each half was folded in half inwards and pressed, creating a 3/4" wide strap of fabric. Each long side of this strap was top-stitched. The female portion of a metal side-release buckle was threaded onto one end of the strap and sewn into place. A metal D-ring was threaded onto the strap. The male portion of the side-release buckle was threaded onto the remaining end of the strap and sewn into place. The D-ring was slid down until it was approximately 3/4" from the male portion of the buckle and sewn into place.

The accession number was engraved on a bone-shaped dog tag and attached to the D-ring on the dog collar.


  1. Really smart idea. I love how the accession number is on the tag part.

  2. This is fantastic! I love this. Keep up the good work!