Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Floral Skirt

Accession Number: TR8618-8c

Label: Quash, 12/12/86, Conley

This large skirt is made of a synthetic knit fabric of pale yellow with stripes of a darker yellow edged in black. It is also dyed with an all over floral pattern in reds, oranges, pinks, and green. At the waist, the skirt is gathered and secured with a length of rope. At the hem, there is a line of gold and black rick-rack above a 5 ½” ruffle of pleated green tulle.

When deconstructed, the skirt yielded 11 ½ yards of floral fabric, pieced together from nine panels. The seams between these panels were not removed. There was also 11 ½ yards of black and gold rick-rack and a strip of green tulle, approximately 6 ½ inches by 29 ¾ yards, which had been used for the ruffle. Although portions of the tulle and rick-rack were removed from the floral panel, most was left attached.

Using the proportions of an existing camping tent, a pattern was drafted for a child-sized version. Sections of skirt with tulle and trim still attached were used to form the sides and front flaps of the tent while sections with tulle and trim removed were used for the floor and back wall. To provide stability, a 4mm silk ribbon was sewn into most seams. Rick-rack loops were attached to provide contact points for the pre-existing tent stakes. Appropriately sized tent poles were crafted from wooden dowels.

The accession number has been embroidered to a front flap.

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  1. the Jancar exhibit looks great.
    too bad the knickers had to be taken apart but the gloves are worth it.